Eval Process Current UMD Domestic

Permission to Enroll

All current UMD students must obtain permission from their advising college to take courses away from UMD by completing a Permission to Enroll (PTE) form. Students are to complete the form with the college of their major. Completed PTE forms with the student’s advising college are not given to Transfer Credit Services (TCS), unless specifically requested. Failure to obtain permission may result in the course not being accepted for transfer by UMD or applied toward a student's degree requirements.

Once the PTE form has been completed with the advising college, and the student has obtained permission to take courses away from UMD, those courses must be evaluated for acceptability by UMD. Students should check the online Transfer Course Database to see how courses will transfer from other institutions to UMD. Please pay close attention to the start/end terms and footnotes on the courses, as these notations can impact how a course is accepted by UMD. Courses not listed in the database have not yet been evaluated for acceptability for transfer to UMD.

Questions regarding the PTE for should be directed to the student’s advising college.

Acceptability of Transfer Courses by UMD

Generally, college-level courses completed at regionally-accredited institutions will transfer, provided the course is similar in level, scope, content and expected learning outcomes to courses offered at UMD and a grade of "C-" or higher is earned. Grades of "D-" or higher are accepted for courses completed at Maryland public institutions. A course that is considered accepted for transfer to the University of Maryland will receive one of the following types of evaluations:

  • direct equivalency to a University of Maryland course (whether within or outside of the major),
  • no direct equivalency, but satisfies general education requirement, or
  • no direct equivalency, but is accepted as a general elective.

Acceptability vs. Applicability of Transfer Courses

TCS oversees course subject matter to determine the acceptability and the awarding of transfer credit for the University; and, consults with the academic departments for course clarifications and guidance. It is the academic department (administering the course content) that completes the evaluation of the transfer courses for direct equivalencies to specific UMD courses. This review is based on comparison of the transfer course to courses offered for degree programs at the University of Maryland.

A transfer course must be acceptable by UMD before it can be applicable toward degree requirements (general education, specific major requirements, and total credits needed to graduate). A not acceptable transfer course is not applicable to degree requirements.

It is important to note a course may not be applied toward a student’s general education requirements if the course has not been approved for general education during the acceptability evaluation process. How a course applies (applicability of a course) to a student’s degree requirements is determined by a student’s advising college. Students need to work with an academic advisor in their advising college in determining the applicability of the transfer courses toward their degree requirements. This is typically completed during orientation, but may require a follow-up advising appointment.

Transfer Course Evaluation Request

Students are responsible for submitting all final official transcripts detailing their entire academic record prior to enrolling at the University. Transfer courses will post to a students' UMD record only from official transcripts received from the institution at which the credit was earned.

Submitting an Evaluation Request - Domestic Transfer Course

Official sealed transcripts should be sent to:

University of Maryland
Office of the Registrar
1113 Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr. Building
College Park, MD 20742

Questions regarding posting these courses should be directed to Records and Registration Services at registrar-help@umd.edu.