Transfer Course Evaluation - Domestic

Submitting an Evaluation Request for Domestic Transfer Courses

Students who would like to request an evaluation of a course for transfer to the University will need to provide a detailed syllabus from the semester/term when the course was taken. The syllabus must be in digital format, either .pdf or .docx.

A paper syllabus can be scanned for free at one of the UMD libraries. Click here for a list of libraries with scanners. Please scan each course syllabus as a separate PDF document and titled the document with the following information: [course ID] - [institution course was taken at].

Students should send course syllabi via email. Group courses in email by subject or related course (i.e. different email for mathematics, history, music, etc.) and attach no more than five (5) course syllabi per email. Students should include their name, UID, and the name of the institution they attended in the email. For each course requesting evaluation, include a course ID, full title of the course, and term the course was taken.

Please format the course evaluation request as follows:

The above email will provide the basic information needed for an evaluation to be sent out. Additional information about a course may be requested by the evaluating academic department for an evaluation to be complete. Once courses are deemed acceptable by UMD, students will work with their advising college to determine the applicability of the course toward their degree requirements.

The transfer course evaluation process can be completed through either of the following methods:

  1. Directed to the Evaluating Academic Department
    Transfer course evaluations may go directly to most academic departments. Evaluation requests are not required to come through TCS first. Please refer to the list of approved departmental evaluators for their contact information and additional instructions. It is important to note that many departments require a detailed syllabus for the evaluation to be completed. In many cases the processing time is faster when a student goes directly to the department to request an evaluation. The procedure and processing times for course evaluations vary between departments. It is important to note any evaluations completed directly through the department must be communicated to TCS ( directly by the approved departmental evaluator. Evaluations forwarded from the student to TCS are not accepted.
  2. Facilitated by Transfer Credit Services
    Transfer course evaluations requests may be sent to TCS via email at A detailed syllabus is required to be included as part of the request. Once the syllabus is received it will be forwarded to the appropriate department evaluator for review. When the evaluation has been completed and returned to TCS, the student will be notified via email of the evaluation. Please note that some evaluations can take several weeks to be returned to TCS. Students are asked to remain patient while waiting for an evaluation to be completed.