Transfer Process - Education Abroad

All currently enrolled UMD students who take courses outside the US, must go through the Education Abroad office to obtain approval prior to departing on their abroad experience. This ensures any courses that could potentially be awarded transfer credit:

  • have been evaluated
  • the minimum grade required has been determined
  • the conversion of international credits to UMD semester credits has been determined

A student who did not obtain permission through the Education Abroad Office prior to departing on an abroad experience, must appeal to receive a retroactive approval. Without the appropriate approval, transfer credit CANNOT be awarded by UMD.

An undergradaute degree-seeking student who has completed a study abroad experience at an institution prior to being admitted to UMD must work with Transfer Credit Services to complete the Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation process for review of their international transfer credits.

Submitting an Evaluation Request - Education Abroad Transfer Course

Study abroad courses that have been evaluated for UMD credit are listed in the Study Abroad Course Database (SACD) or the Transfer Course Database (for courses reviewed prior to September 2019). If a course is not listed in the SACD or the Transfer Course Database, you may request an evaluation for transfer credit.

To request an evaluation of a course for transfer to the University, you will need to provide a detailed syllabus from the semester/term when the course was taken. The syllabus should include information regarding the required textbook(s)/reading material used, topics covered in class, and class assignments.

For coursework taught in a language other than English, students must provide the course syllabus in the original language, as well as a certified English translation. The academic department completing the evaluation of the international transfer credits may request the original language syllabus be certified by the transfer institution. The English translation must be completed by a professional translator. Syllabi must be in PDF format.

A paper syllabus can be scanned for free at one of the UMD libraries. Please scan each course syllabus as a separate PDF document and title the document with the following information: [course title] - [institution course was taken at]. Please scan course syllabi in the original language and English into one document.

To request an evaluation of a study abroad course on an approved study abroad program:

  1. Submit an EA Transfer Credit Evaluation Request for each course you wish to have evaluated. A full syllabus is required for an evaluation.

Once the evaluation request is submitted using the online form:

  1. Transfer Credit Services will route your request to the appropriate UMD department.
  2. You will receive an email when the evaluation is complete. Evaluations usually take 2-3 weeks.
  3. Education Abroad will update the Study Abroad Course Database to reflect the outcome of the evaluation.
  4. Students should consult with an academic advisor about how the course will apply to degree requirements.

Submission of Final Official Transcript to UMD

Upon completion of the study abroad exprience, students are responsible for submitting all final official transcripts. Transfer courses will post to a student's UMD record only from official transcripts received from the institution at which the credit was earned.

Official sealed transcripts should be sent to the Education Abroad Office:
University of Maryland
Education Abroad
1118 H.J. Patterson Hall
4065 Campus Drive
College Park, MD 20742

Please direct questions regarding education abroad to the Education Abroad Office at