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Acceptability of Transfer Courses by UMD

Generally, college-level courses completed at regionally-accredited institutions will transfer, provided the course is similar in level, scope, content and expected learning outcomes to courses offered at UMD and a grade of "C-" or higher is earned. Grades of "D-" or higher are accepted for courses completed at Maryland public institutions. A course that is considered accepted for transfer to the University of Maryland will receive one of the following types of evaluations:

  • direct equivalency to a University of Maryland course (whether within or outside of the major),
  • no direct equivalency, but satisfies general education requirement, or
  • no direct equivalency, but is accepted as a general elective.

Acceptability vs. Applicability of Transfer Courses

A course must be deemed acceptable for transfer by UMD before it can be applicable toward satisfying a degree requirement (e.g. general education, specific major requirements, and total credits needed to graduate). A course that is deemed not acceptable for transfer CANNOT be applicable to a degree requirement.

A transfer course may not be applied toward satisfying a student’s general education requirements if the course has not been approved for general education during the evaluation process that determined the acceptability of the course by UMD.

How a course applies (applicability of a course) to a student’s degree requirements is determined by a student’s advising college. A student will work with an academic advisor in their advising college in determining the applicability of the transfer courses toward their degree requirements once they are admitted to UMD.

Please note Transfer Credit Services does not provide advising services.

  • Students who have been admitted to UMD should contact their advising college for assistance.
  • Students who have NOT been admitted to UMD should contact the Pre-Transfer Advising Program for assistance with planning to transfer to the University, assessing readiness to transfer and estimating time to degree completion.

Database of Transfer Course Evaluations

The Database of Transfer Course Evaluations includes courses that have already been evaluated for acceptability for transfer by UMD. Make sure to check the database to see if/how the course you completed is listed.

When searching the database for a transfer course, make sure the course ID and title of the course from the transfer institution matches with what is in the database. Please note the database is constantly being updated and is subject to change.

Please review Transfer Credit Database Help to learn how to read the database. 

Transfer courses that have already been evaluated will have a notation of the acceptability (Accepted, Not Accepted or Pending Credit) in the UMD Evaluation Course ID column for each course. The course evaluations are noted as term-sensitive with start and end terms to indicate during what timeframe the course evaluation is valid.

Some of the courses have footnotes that could impact the evaluation by either restricting or expanding how the course is accepted by UMD or applied to a student's major. Hover over the footnote in the database for additional information about the footnote or refer to the list of footnotes.

Transfer courses that are not acceptable by UMD will say “Not Accepted” next to the course and zero credits will be awarded by UMD for the course.

If a course is NOT listed in the database, the course has not been evaluated for acceptability by UMD. It does not mean the course is not accepted for transfer. Students should request the course be evaluated by following the directions below. If a course has an end date and no other entry with a new start date, students should request the course be re-evaluated by following the directions below.

For an example:

If a student took BIOL230 before Summer II of 2008, the student would receive BSCI230 at UMD. If a student took BIOL230 starting or after Fall 2008, the course has not been evaluated and requires a syllabus for evaluation (NS - Need Syllabus).

Transfer Course Evaluation Request

Submitting an Evaluation Request - Domestic Transfer Course